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Sonder has grown a ton in my roughly year and a half of working here I m not just talking physical numbers but in terms of culture diversity and creating a supportive positive work environment I used to be the only woman on my team and since I ve seen the number of women at this company grow and have had two women managers I ve also seen the company get far more diverse although we could improve in this area and I believe we will now that we have a bigger recruiting team We also have a stronger more supportive culture since bringing on an incredible management coach It has had such a big impact on our office I love being surrounded by ambitious talented colleagues every day Since we re still a relatively small company everyone is accessible I m constantly learning from people on other teams which nurtures inter team communication and my own personal knowledge and growth
The company is a little heavy on middle management right now They really need to focus on growing at every level Communication as a result of the above is sometimes fragmented It s already improving but needs to be a continued focus Not enough resources are being allocated to culture with attention to devoted to how we are going to maintain a sense of togetherness as we grow We have culture events within teams and thursday night beers as a company What about doing some once monthly cross team events There is no culture of feedback Reports have to seek out feedback and manage up if they wish to give feedback to managers which puts them in an uncomfortable position Small HR We don t yet have processes for reporting harassment which concerns with everything going on in the media though I feel very safe at this company
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