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Production Supervisor Job

Posted on Tue, 13 Feb 2018 12:53:12 GMT - 30+ days ago

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Summary of Production Supervisor job

We'll give you the freedom to determine your own direction and deliver in your own style. Whatever your aspirations, experience something exceptional at Kraft Heinz. The Kraft Heinz Company is revolutionizing the food industry – we will be the most profitable food company powered by the most talented people with unwavering commitment to our communities, leading brands and highest product quality... Read More

Kraft Heinz Company company review

Pros at Kraft Heinz can be divided in tangible and experiential buckets Tangible pros include Ample PTO Company car and or car allowance Solid benefits including 401k and most types of medical insurance Remote work work from home flexibility at least in field sales Competitive pay though this DOES have an asterisk which is detailed below Experiential pros include People By far the most significant pro to Kraft Heinz is having the opportunity to work with ambitious knowledgeable hardworking and friendly people In spite of the myriad cons below there is camaraderie and a willingness to collaborate and work through issues together There may be a lot of pain but nearly everyone is experiencing it Brand reputation billion dollar brands speak for themselves and it s fun to be able to work with products most consumers are familiar with Extensive learning opportunities again like pay this comes with an asterisk however you really do learn a lot in whichever role you re in and you learn FAST If and when you decide to leave you will be HIGHLY marketable Professional development opportunities while these opportunities are most salient for those coming out of company training programs and those recruited by 3G Capital alum it is nonetheless possible to be promoted moved laterally into a role you re passionate about and to do so expediently allowing you to cover and touch as many aspects of the business as possible
Many people attribute most cons at Kraft Heinz to the management styles and organizational culture fostered by the executives nearly all of whom are connected through 3G Capital a Brazilian private equity firm Those familiar with 3G s culture through their other investment companies AB InBev RBI will not be surprised by the cons below but they are nonetheless important considerations for any potential new hires Two key things to note is that KHC much like other 3G companies values both EXTREMELY lean operations particularly in the form of aggressive cost cutting and Zero Based Budgeting ZBB and results oriented measurements MBOs and KPIs While having that cultural exposure provides a leg up on how to navigate a company where literally everything needs to provide value it creates significant headwinds in the following ways Large Workloads Large Turnover Layoffs or Otherwise and Large Experience Gaps While employees are challenged and learn extensively about KHC s business in many cases this results in strong employee burnout from long hours and increasingly difficult expectations MBO objectives This burnout results in either layoffs or in resignations as the workload involved becomes incongruous with the pay target bonus allotted This constant swirl of people results in experienced and intellectually valuable individuals to leave in favor of those willing to just work hard In many cases new hires may not always have the most relevant experience necessary for their current roles In some cases this is acceptable but in many cases it isn t creating low morale across the board Perceived Personnel and Promotion Biases In addition to being leanly staffed KHC much like other 3G companies demonstrates some preference towards promoting those who are loyal and pun intended drink the Kool Aid but those who have been previously affiliated with 3G either through the firm itself or through its investment companies As a result the glass ceiling starts and ends with Brazilian men followed by men who ve demonstrated the most alignment towards the 3G doctrine This can exacerbate low morale Limited Resources As expected with ZBB everyone at KHC learns to do more with less In sales this results in two significant problems towards business development an inability to stimulate the business with appropriate promotional activity since there is insufficient trade to spend on making the deal sweeter for customers and consumers and an inability to get innovation in again partially related to trade but innovation is also its own beast below This puts employees in a position where targets are no longer feasible or reachable without additional resources which is certainly frustrating Short term Innovation In the CPG world long term innovation and an ability to have a strong pulse on disruptive trends is imperative to stay relevant and grow the business While this is an industry wide problem many companies including private equity firms have made significant acquisitions in smaller companies that have that pulse and innovation KHC however is focused on acquisitions of larger companies in order to consolidate the industry and allow access to larger already established brands that don t need to be cultivated with significant non ZBB compliant investment ex the infamous failed takeover of Unilever In turn most new items in the market are line brand extensions that attempt to squeeze as much value out of the brand as possible without necessarily considering what that value would ultimately be Additionally a lot of the short term innovation puts KHC in the strategic position of being a market lagger not a market leader as the company is usually coming out with products that are seen as feeble attempts to attack more innovative players Complicated Bonus Structures Bonuses are paid out as a multiplier of the performance of one s geographic zone as well as one s personal performance both tied into MBOs This year the company was informed that the US geographic zone did not meet their bonus this year and would only be able to receive a fraction of their target based on their personal performance This is somewhat convoluted as it dilutes how much goes back to the employees and decays overall morale and company loyalty This news becomes more difficult to swallow as in an unsurprising twist most executives do receive bonuses due to their involvement in 3G and other 3G backed business that may be performing well Limited Employee Engagement Field Sales engagement opportunities are limited to what employees can contribute out of pocket ex only HQ gets a holiday party Opportunities to network both within the company or within industry have been limited to executives or have been phased out entirely
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  • Bernardo Hees ( CEO )
  • Vacancy Location: Tulare, CA
  • Vacancy job: Production Supervisor
  • Rate: negotiable
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