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The prestige of working for a large media company with solid benefits and perks Very nice campus that includes Universal Studios Studio Productions and main offices Everyone is nice and pleasant to work with and in my department pretty low stress The company seems to be financially stable and I ve not heard of any layoffs during my tenure The thing that impresses me the most is that the HR department is very PRO employee I feel HR really tries to ensure the success of the employee and ensure our work experience is as positive as can be Everyone is assigned an HR representative that is your main point of contact other than you manager The company overall is very diverse if you exclude the IT department
I want to be as tactful as I can here My IT department is flooded with Indians I love all people but when your IT department is 90 Indian both contractors and employees I think that s a real diversity problem And I feel like they show favoritism towards their own people My current manager is Indian and before our teams merged all of his direct reports were Indian Also the communication can be a challenge as well It s not uncommon to be on an email thread or conference call and it s all Indian Most of the time I feel like the foreigner in an American company Moving on to other issues I just have a few Like most big companies it can be hard to find direction and most of the managers are nice but are not really good leaders Trying to advance to another area can be difficult if you don t know anyone in the area you are trying to move too
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