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Cool technology Wide ability to change how you do your job If you have clear goals or know your KPI you are given flexibility to do your job as you see fit Very steep industry learning curve yes I find this as a Pro
This is a review of the Bloomington location only KPI changes without notice and you are often measured by standards that you are unaware A decade of infighting between business units MN location suffers from lack leadership Too many managers in title New hires at MN location are August Outsiders and will have hard time gaining trust with former August employees that are now middle management No mentorship program Highly adverse to change Although I was vocal I was never able to navigate path to paid schooling that is offered as benefit Where one should find documentation new hires will often find that Tribal Knowledge is held tight by the August elders creating an uneven and frustrating playing field These elders are often rewarded for fixing something that should be documented No true after action leaves many issues undocumented and therefore repeated
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