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We are one of the very rare boutique design firms designing mega scale projects around the world As such we have a unique system profile and methodology We like to think of ourselves as some sort of Mission Impossible team of the architectural world an A team where each handpicked individual plays an immense role in the workflow and very intense process of designing projects ranging from 100M to 500M in the matter of a few weeks We are fast to say the least You need to be able to keep up many cant but the very few that can are handed a potential for growth unlike any other firm out there in the world guaranteed
Our weakness is the intentionally limited size of our structure which we like to keep under 25 people This makes us as strong as our weakest link It is why we are so picky on who joins our family and why we unfortunately have to let go team members that are slowing down the team s collective efforts Please ask all the questions during your interview process because you don t want to get surprised with a bootcamp when you are expecting a walk in the park
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