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Summary of Financial Cost Analyst 8200 job

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Under the direct supervision of the Director of Decision Support and Budget, provide overall management, support, and integrity of the Decision Support Cost Accounting System.

Demonstrates critical thinking and the ability to work independently, producing accurate and timely work. Demonstrates advanced computer skills with databases, Excel, and in working with decision support systems


1. Generates monthly financial updates to the current cost accounting structure, to determine the most current indirect and direct cost by cost component for encounter data by service item, procedure, and physician data.

2. Analyze service line profitability and trends.

3. Work collaboratively with clinical departments ensuring the cost accounting assumptions are correct.

4. Updates the general ledger structure and financial report parameters to accommodate any change

in cost / revenue centers and organization accounting changes.

5. Develops, analyzes, and executes operational budget. Manages the organization's budget,

prepares all documentation and conducts training sessions for managers and directors regarding

new budget procedures. Analyzes and reviews manager and director's submissions of the

operational and financial proposals to assure they are complete, and accurate.

6. Conducts operational & financial projects on new and existing programs, services, and markets.

7. Performs other financial functions as directed.

8. Role models the principles of a Just Culture and Vail Health Values.

9. Perform other duties as assigned. Must be HIPAA compliant.


Experience :

  • Two years cost accounting experience within a health care setting.
  • Advanced knowledge and skills with databases, Excel, and in working with decision support systems.
  • StrataJazz Cost Accounting experience preferred

  • Cerner Revenue Cycle experience preferred
  • License(s) :
  • N / A
  • Certification(s) :
  • N / A
  • Computer / Typing :

  • Must possess, or be able to obtain within 90 days, the computers skills necessary to complete online learning requirements for job-
  • specific competencies, access online forms and policies, complete online benefits enrollment, etc.

    Must have working knowledge of the English language, including reading, writing, and speaking English.

    Education :

  • Bachelor's degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting.
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    + PRO
    Smart staff handling work in u w and claims Salary is competitive for area Employees are very loyal captive audience in the sticks CEO is brilliant book smart
    - CONS
    Sr Management is in many cases very intolerant of minority employees and while they will not say anything to their face behind closed doors the intolerance in very apparent it can be racial appearance disability etc Employees with many years of experience and many certifications are held back because they lack a college degree Back stabbing is routine within the management ranks from the top down Once the CEO Mr Taft has decided he has used you for all he can get you become a non factor in the management ranks and no longer can contribute effectively Favoritism is rampant The HR Department is basically clueless and is run by a very nasty lady who will come across as your friend initially but because she marches in lock step with Taft she too will dump you in a heartbeat Don t challenge Sr Management don t prove them wrong you will be history
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    3.7  based on 45 reviews
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    About Vail Health Company

    • Christopher Taft ( President and CEO )
    • Vacancy Location: Vail, CO, United States
    • Vacancy job: Financial Cost Analyst 8200
    • Rate: negotiable
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